EA Sports promises a generation of innovation in NHL 14

Cover voting to begin later this month

EA Sports has made a very ambitious promise on what they will be bringing to the ice with this year's NHL game.

With NHL 14 they are saying that they will bring a “Generation Of Innovation” all across the game's features bringing a much more authentic hockey experience than ever before.

Highlights of the improvements are brand new collision physics making every hit that much more realistic, the Enforcer Engine which is a brand new way to drop the gloves powered by the same technology behind the Fight Night series, new physics-based skating with over 1000 animations for more realistic player movement, one-touch dekes putting real superstar skills in players' hands and EA Sports NHL Online Seasons allowing players to take their NHL Ultimate Team to the top of the world rankings. EA Sports promises a generation of innovation in NHL 14

NHL 14 is due out on Xbox 360 and PS3 on September the 20th in North America and September the 23rd in Europe. Fan voting for this year's cover star will begin on April the 22nd over on

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