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Xbox 360 landmark in Tokyo?

New Xbox store could be on the cards

Microsoft are desperate to establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in Japan, this much we know already, however we didn't know that the company's plans went much beyond a massive marketing push alongside locally developed games. That was until a 20-foot high 'Ring of Light', an Xbox 360 trademark, was spotted on the side of a building Tokyo. Said building is under construction at the moment, in Omotesando, a fashionable district of Japan's mighty capital. The logo is the only thing on front of the building, no text, no web address, anything... and it has certainly got tongues-a-wagging with a Microsoft representative telling games ezine 1UP to "be patient".

1UP's digging didn't cease there however, and the site proudly reports that the construction has been commissioned in the name of 'Code Five', a promotions company who worked for Microsoft Japan two years previously. On that occasion the company organised the commissioning of famous Japanese artists to create pieces in honour of the Xbox's debut. Of course, if Microsoft are in fact the real firm behind this construction, then this will be a major project indeed... what are they up to?

The sensible money is now on the construction turning out to be an exclusive Xbox 360 shop, in the same vein as Apple's innumerable iPod stores - which are already all the rage in Tokyo - and an obvious source of inspiration for Microsoft's forays into Japan. The building is due for completion on October 31st, and we'll keep you posted.


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