Acclaim games remain unclaimed

Titles remain at collapsed publisher

Despite publisher Acclaim going bankrupt almost a year ago now, a number of the company's various publishing rights and titles remain unsold - despite a few household names appearing on the recently revised 'for sale' list. Of course, the cream of the once mighty publishing house's line-up is long gone, but a few gems remain which other firms may be tempted by. The likes of Bart's Nightmare and South Park Rally must surely be of use to someone, even if such licensed games would require a degree of negotiation and deal-brokering with the original owners.

Several of the IPs on the list appear to be rather redundant, the rights to publish certain games in specific reasons, for example (Populous and Riven are mooted, interestingly), but other options remain very much valid, including three versions of Extreme G and platform titles Fur Fighters and the sequel 'Revenge'.

The list still includes the games that never were, early and presumed dead titles, such as 100 Bullets, Kung Faux and The Last Job remain for auction, in their various states of unfinishedness. The list does inform that Interview With A Made Man, The Red Star, and Dave Mirra BMX 4 have been snapped-up, so we'll keeping scanning our radars for news of them.

More on the debris still being salvaged from Acclaim as we get it.

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