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WoW players compensated for server issues

Sort of...

MMORPG players currently enjoying the European version of Blizzard's seminal World of Warcraft will be compensated for the game's ongoing server issues, announced the developer today. Two days subscription will be refunded to players by way of an apology, along with an extra one and a half 'rest', allowing players to level-up just as quickly as they would've had they played on the days experiencing server troubles. This compensation will be offered to all European gamers, even those who did not experience the problems first-hand.

Blizzard replaced server hardware last Friday in a bid to solve the ongoing lag issues plaguing the European game, but the problems have continued even since this upgrade. Blizzard now suspect their third-party ISP may be behind the difficulties experienced. "Fixing the problem is our number one priority," a Blizzard staffer commented. "We at Blizzard don't like seeing players unhappy and we really do want to fix this as soon as possible." Blizzard have become increasingly aware of the problems over the last week, as irate gamers became more vocal with their displeasure.

Indeed, two days compensation may not be enough for the reported six days of lag experienced by some gamers. More as we get it, then.

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