Superman flies onto Xbox 360


Superman will return in the imaginatively titled Superman Returns next year, and alongside the Bryan Singer film we're promised a tie-in videogame, inevitably being created by EA. Reports now inform us that the game is well under-way, and will launch in tandem with the flick next summer. Next-generation consoles are the likely destination of this officially licensed title, though releases on current generation machines and handhelds are also planned. The Xbox 360 will probably lead the way in the next-gen stakes, though the PS3 will in theory be out next spring, albeit in Japan, rather than everywhere.Speaking in an interview with the SFX science-fiction magazine, film director Singer offered a few clues about the nature of EA's forthcoming game. He commented that "It'll have elements of the movie in it, but it'll have elements that'll make the gameplay more exciting, in terms of the construction of Metropolis and Superman and his powers. Things like that."

EA's Tiburon studio are currently crafting the new project, which we expect to learn more about it as the new year approaches. More soon, then.

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