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New Perfect Dark gets special Edition

Expensive extras bundled

With the Xbox 360 now fast approaching and a November launch for the new games console from Microsoft due in November, the games for the new system are slowly beginning to take centre stage. A Collector's Edition of forthcoming shooter Perfect Dark Zero has now been confirmed, with developer Rare promising a two-disc pack with numerous items of bonus content. A premise-forming PDZ manga will be included to introduce the world of the game and the story, and is called 'Hong Kong Sunrise'. One of nine specially commissioned holographic glyph cards will also be in there. A limited edition black metallic case will encompass the new title, and it will cost in the region of 60 USD, compared to the standard pack's 50 USD.

A 'Making of' style video is also bundled with the Collector's Edition, and promises a 'rare' insight into Rare's production process. The documentary is called 'The Art of Perfection'. Perfect Dark 'gamer pictures', for Xbox Live Gamer Card's will be included, as will a PDZ-theme pack for the Xbox 360 'Guide'. Finally, the first chapter of Greg Rucka's novel-based sequel to PDZ will also feature, under the guise: Perfect Dark: Initial Vector. We'll bring you more on this as we get it.

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