First of Evolve's player classes, the Markov, revealed

Human players to be outmatched from the very beginning

The first of the four hunter player classes in Evolve has been revealed.

The Markov is the heavy assault class of the team. He is equipped with some heavy armour, a shield, an assault rifle and a long range lightning rifle that throws out some electric death as well as a handful of lightning arc mines to stun less observant aliens.

The human hunter players are part of a team of planet tamers that go around helping colonists tame troublesome local wildlife. They arrive on the planet Shear - just one of the game's environments – and discover these aliens which are not native to the planet and realise that perhaps they've bitten off a little more than they can chew. First of Evolve's player classes, the Markov, revealed

Turtle Rock's Chris Ashton explains, “That’s the reason they have harpoon guns, tranq darts – they’re here to handle the local wildlife. That’s sort of their shtick. So they get here, and they’re faced with this much bigger problem.”

“It’s a little more than they were expecting,” added fellow Turtle Rock head Phil Robb. “These monsters, they’re not native to Shear, either, so the hunters suddenly find themselves, ‘Wow, we’re kind of in over our heads here.’ It becomes this sort of battle for survival.”

Evolve is the latest in a line of games that were originally to be published by THQ when they went under. All of the titles that have come out the other side of the THQ collapse Saints Row IV, Metro: Last Light and Company Of Heroes 2 have been awesome games which bodes well for Evolve which is mow being published by 2K Games joining a pretty prolific stable that includes BioShock and Borderlands.

Evolve is in development for Xbox One, PS4 and PC and is due out this autumn.

Thanks Game Informer via VG247.

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