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The Movies embraces Online

Lionhead explain web plans

Whilst every major Hollywood studio begins to regard 'online' as the very epicentre of all evil, and surely abhor the idea of 'posting their movies' onto a community site for others to rate and comment on, we're rather taken with Lionhead's latest plans for The Movies. The new game is out in the autumn for the PC, with console versions also planned, and Peter Molyneux's Lionhead are developing a 'Theme' style game which has smash-hit written all over it. The Movies puts you in charge of a fully-realised Hollywood film studio, charging you with commissioning and producing films, hiring talent, balancing the books and much else besides.

Lionhead today inform us that you will even be able to post your own cinematic creations onto a dedicated website, which sounds a bit like Virtual IMDB, allowing other pseudo-directors to rate your movies and discuss. Each new film will get a dedicated page, and online reputations will be won and lost as gamers post their creations, those earning high scores online being rewarded with free content and other downloads.

We're promised online awards ceremonies and competitions too, as well as an area called the Prop shop where downloads for the game will be made available. All in all it sounds like an ace idea, and will no doubt provide another compelling aspect to a 'Sim' style game that really should have been done before. We'll let you know when The Movies Online launches, and keep you posted on everything else in the meantime.

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