Gilbert back in business

..and ain't it grand?

Games design veteran Ron Gilbert appears to be back in business, if hints from his blog are to be believed. The former Monkey Island creator is looking to make an overdue return to game design, and the mind that launched a number of top-selling adventure games back in the day is certainly what the industry needs at present. Gilbert already has a concept in mind for his new masterpiece, and is in the process of shopping it around to major publishers, we're told. In his Grumpy Gamer blog, Gilbert commented: "I [was] supposed to jet off to Paris this week to meet with a publisher, but had to cancel because I got sick. The trip has been postponed until next month. I was looking forward to some wine and stinky cheese. I love stinky cheese."

Paris eh? Well, Ubisoft spring immediately to mind (and we reckon they might like smelly cheese, too), but Vivendi-Universal are also centred in Paris, and Atari might also be an outside contender. Ubisoft seem the most likely candidates however, having backed original and daring IPs to a greater degree than most major labels in recent years.

Despite the presumed death of the 'adventure' genre in its original state, Gilbert refused to deny he isn't making a return to the genre he helped forge (having even been quoted asking "Just curious, and I'm not saying it is or isn't, but why would you assume it's not an adventure?"), and this would certainly be a welcome blast from the past, assuming the designer can convince a publisher to back him. Anyway, here's hoping for another Gilbert classic in the offing, and we'll keep you posted as more details emerge.

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