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New Xbox Live pricing sighted

Box spotted

Reports sourced to a French consumer games site indicate the likely pricing of Xbox Live on the new Xbox 360 console. The service has grown steadily since launching on the original console, and has wowed gamers and critics alike with its ease of use and ever-growing list of features. With their new console due out this winter, Microsoft now hope to grow the success of their service even further.

Taking information from what look like genuine box shots of the 360, five bundles are listed. The top option appears to be the premium gold pack offering 12 months access to Live, a headset, $20 game coupon, 200 Marketplace points, and access to the Arcade game Billiards. This pack will cost $69.99, it would seem. A 3 months option for $39.99 is also mooted, boasting a $10 voucher, 100 points and access to Joust from the Arcade.

The standard gold card has gone up $10 to $59.99, it would seem, and this offers 12 months access to the online service. A $19.99 3 month card, and $7.99 one month card will also go on-sale with the new system. Finally, as we already know, all purchasers of the new system will have access to Live, via the free 'Silver' pack. Although you can't play games with this option, some downloads will available, alongside chat functionality and access to the Marketplace. More on this as we get it.

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