Funcom aim high

New funding boost for MMO studio

With a new-round of fund-raising at Scandinavian developer Funcom, the specialist MMORPG developer are aiming to strengthen their foothold in this ever-growing game genre. The Norwegian firm have just garnered another five-million Euros in venture capital, which they're going to use to fund future developments. The company also recently launched a free version of the still-quite-popular Anarchy Online, supported by in-game ads from Massive Inc. Nordic Venture Partners are behind the newly invested cash, and their chief Claus Hojbjerg Andersen commented: "Our aim is to improve the business side of Funcom even further, thus supporting the company in realizing their creative visions. The goal is to turn Funcom into a global powerhouse for subscription-based online games, and our investment will aid the company in evolving to the next level."

Funcom's new titles look set to target the upcoming generation of new consoles, as Funcom look to new platforms in order to push themselves up the MMO pecking-order. CEO Trond Arne Aas commented: "With the support of NVP and our other investors, we have the potential of taking a leading role in the content and technology-development in the next generation of online games. This investment also aids us in preparing even better for launching exciting new content on the upcoming consoles and Windows Vista."

More on Funcom's efforts as we get it.

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