Resident Evil 4 gets PS2 makeover

Simply divine darling...

Not content with simply porting the impressive Resident Evil 4 from the GameCube to the PS2, developers Capcom have decided to add a few new features to the game. First up are some technical improvements, mainly full support for both Dolby Pro-Logic II surround and a full 16:9 widescreen mode, both of which should add to the atmosphere of the game. Next up is a new weapon in the form of the P.R.L.412 gun (Parasite Removal Laser), an electrical gun which zaps the bad guys with bolts of electricity and is powered by a rechargeable battery pack.

Finally, there is a whole new scenario for PS2 zombie killers. Not much is currently known about this addition, other then it will feature Ada Wong taking on a batch of enemies with the same weapons as the main character.

Resident Evil 4 will creep its way onto European PS2s from November 4th.

E3 Trailer