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MS gets viral once again

New site sighted

Given the amount of buzz that Microsoft managed to create with the site prior to this year's E3 show it's unsurprising that the company should once again decide to promote its new console with a meaningless website with a huge countdown clock. Ladies and gentleman, I present you with Origenxbox360. The domain is registered to Microsoft so this is at least in some way connected to the company. Quite what the bonsai tree and green, wooden bunny cut-out are supposed to represent is unknown, although if the current level of rampant speculation keeps up the law of probabilities suggest that someone will correctly guess what it is all supposed to mean. Current possibilities range from the fantastical (a countdown to Halo 3's release, a surprise early release for the X360 itself, announcement date of Duke Nukem Forever as a launch title) to the more prosaic, ( X05 date, X360 launch date announcement). Deeper speculation concentrates on topics such as Alice in Wonderland, cut-tree rings and the significance of Bonsai trees.

Right-clicking on the flash image and selecting forward removes everything but the tree which is accompanied by some swirly writing spelling out the URL and the words Origen. Origen of course sounds a lot like origin and is in fact the Spanish word for it. Regardless, something is apparently going to happen in 36 days, and that something may well be connected to the Xbox 360 in some way. We'll let you know what it is come the 27th of September at mid-day, GMT.

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