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Advent Rising million dollar compo cancelled

Majesco pull the plug

It's not every game that gets honoured with a million dollar competition from the marketing department. Majesco Entertainment's Advent Rising was one such title, with a million dollar prize fund to be given out to the entrants who managed to find a hidden letter in the game. The finder of this uber easter egg would then have been on course to take home a cool million bucks.

However, said competition has been cancelled due to security issues. According to the press release, "Majesco Entertainment and Xbox Live have determined there to be no technically feasible solution that would allow the contest to continue in a fair and secure manner. As such, we apologize for any inconvenience, but we must unfortunately cancel the contest." It seems that Majesco came to understand that there was no way they could ensure a fair competition, a realisation that may well have been inspired by a number of bogus entrants which showed signs of being gained from hacking the game code or the upload code to Xbox Live. This is of course pure conjecture on our part (and not the far more cynical line of reasoning that first occurred to us), but somebody must have finally gotten through to the suits and impressed upon them the irrationality of expecting such an insecure competition to be fair.

The good news is that competition entrants are not going to be left with nothing for all their efforts. Oh no, Majesco asks all entrants to send in proof of their Advent Rising purchase along with their choice of two of Majesco's back catalogue. You have until the 15th of September to get your claim in. Not quite the same as a million bucks, but it would appear this offer is open to everyone who owns a copy of Advent Rising, not just those who found the easter egg objective. At least this will be a good way of shifting all those unsold boxes of Psychonauts.

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