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Blizzcon all about the Warcraft

Would it be about anything else?

Blizzard Entertainment's upcoming convention, the ingeniously monikered Blizcon, is already being downplayed as anything more than an extravaganza for World of Warcraft fans. While this is wholly unsurprising given the phenomenal success of the fantasy-themed MMO, the multitude of fans of Blizzard's other IP, namely StarCraft and Diablo, are beginning to feel increasingly left out. Blizzard is famous for supporting its old games long after other publisher's would have sounded last orders, with the five year old Diablo II getting yet another patch just the other week. Fans of these series had been hoping that Blizzard would be announcing work on a sequel to at least one of these other franchises.

Yet in a recent interview with PR coordinator George Wang, Blizzard have let it be known that no such announcements are planned, at least not publicly. Rather it seems most likely that the announcement expected at the convention will concern itself exclusively with details on an expansion pack for World of Warcraft. Given the dearth of information so far on such a certainty and the impendingness of the Christmas season it would take a very brave man indeed to wager against a revelation on an expansion pack.

$125 dollars will buy you a ticket to the convention itself and a ring-side seat for any and all announcements that the company makes during the weekend-long event. A serious interest in WoW would also be highly recommended and some skills in the fancy dress department will probably be needed if you want to stand out from the crowds. The event will feature Q&As with the developers of WoW and huge LAN area stocked with gaming PCs. There will be an invitational tournament where the best professional Warcraft III and StarCraft players will battle it out. Attendees will also have the first chance to get a hands on test of StarCraft Ghost. If all of this sounds enticing then get yourself over to the site and book some tickets to California for the 28th of October.

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