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SG-1 developers rebuff JoWood claims

Developer angered by 'libellous' claims

Australian developer Perception have rebuffed claims made by their publisher earlier this week that the development of Stargate: SG-1: The Alliance has been halted over quality-control issues, the enraged studio also denying that the source code to the game and the related Stargate licence has reverted to JoWood's control. Perception CEO Ben Lenzo went on the defence, accusing JoWood of "misleading and libellous comments." Legal action appears a certainty, with the developer naming JoWooD CEO Albert Siedl and chairman of the supervisory board Andreas Rudas. Lenzo stated that JoWood's position on the source code and licence was "incorrect and not based on commercial or legal fact." He also countered that the publisher was guilty of innumerable breaches of contract.

"It's disappointing to hear of this so-called termination via the press on the basis of a 'get in first' tactic," the CEO raged. "We are not surprised by their behaviour or lack of appreciation for the goodwill Perception has afforded JoWooD on many occasions."

"Perception will not allow its name to be tarnished in such a manner and view such matters extremely seriously and will always protect the reputation of our staff, our products, licensing partners and the company," a statement continued, concluding "We look forward to the release of Stargate SG-1: The Alliance." More on this as the brawling continues.

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