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Coke offer PSP downloads

How generous...

In a cunning spot marketing Coca-Cola have come up with a downloadable content pack for the Sony PSP's WipeOut Pure. Additional content for the high-speed racing game, already out in North America and Japan, has already been released through Sony - but this new Coca-Cola content will be made available in a number of downloads. New levels and craft are the order of the day, and all the new content will come in a number of Coca-Cola branded flavours, so expect product placement a-go-go.

This is certainly the first time we've seen a major corporation create their own content for an existing game, but big business is slowly but surely waking up to the mass audiences accessible through videogames. The content should be available from today, according to word from the drinks firm, and it'll be interesting to see if branded downloads become popular with other big firms on the PSP, and other platforms too. We'll keep you posted on all the latest WipeOut and PSP related news.

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