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GTA attacked after police killings

Game blame fails

The lawyer attempting to defend a man convicted of killing three policeman, has launched a defence for his client Devin Moore, blaming in part Grand Theft Auto for his actions. The 20 year-old stole a policeman's gun then killed three officers, but despite the apparent clear cut nature of the case, lawyers are stating that Moore's actions are a result of repeated child abuse and excessive play of GTA in the run-up to the shootings. In the first court hearing surrounding this case, lawyers were prevented from using testimony referring to the GTA link.

"Life is a videogame; everybody has to die," Moore reportedly told police after his arrest - his lawyer told the court. Moore is pleading not guilty, "by reason of mental defect". The jury however were unconvinced that abuse and gaming were responsible for Moore's actions, and the defendant now faces the death penalty. Ironically, families of the victims have filed civil cases against Rockstar and retail outlets responsible for selling Moore the 'influential' game. Rockstar are as usual keeping quiet on their role in these proceedings, but must surely be exasperated by their involvement in another legal tussle. More soon.

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