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Ads enter PlanetSide

Massive ads enter Sony Online's FPS

Sony Online Entertainment's PlanetSide; the world's first online massively multiplayer first-person shooter, will be cursed with the blight of in-game ads from this month. Virtual billboards will enter the universe for the first time, carrying streaming ads which will help Sony support the title - which has fallen out of the limelight somewhat lately. The ads will be supplied by in-game ad specialists Massive, who are also in cahoots with the likes of Vivendi. Ads are becoming increasingly common in videogames as technology improves and firm's awake to the potential audiences to be tapped through games.

Sony Online are promising that the extra cash earned through in-game ads will be ploughed into the improvement of the persistent world PlanetSide players compete in; many gamers however, will see this as another victory for big business in the increasingly commercially-driven games 'industry'. No specific advertisers have been confirmed by Sony, but several household names are already pushing their wares through billboards in sports games like FIFA. More on this soon.

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