From Bedingfield with Love

UK popstar to feature in new 007 game?

No, not Daniel - thank god - the far more delectable Natasha is the Bedingfield we're talking about today. Rumour has it the 'ascending' UK popstar will feature in EA's upcoming From Russia with Love 007 game, lending her likeness and voice to the forthcoming game. Bedingfield provided the closing song GoldenEye: Rogue Agent, so she has worked with EA before making this rumour seem all the more plausible. Of course, the lure of working alongside the legendary Sean Connery may have helped too.

EA haven't officially confirmed the singer's role in the game yet, but if she were involved as a cast member it seems likely she would play one of the leading 'Bond girls' of the title; an exciting liaison for the ever-charming 007. She may also be providing some kind of theme song for the title. From Russia with Love is out on all current-generation consoles in November this year. We'll keep you posted... and Bond, be careful.

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