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Everquest looks to China

In WoW's footsteps...

With Blizzard's seminal World of Warcraft now officially the world's number one MMORPG, former market leaders Sony Online Entertainment appear to be taking a long-hard look at where they're missing out, concluding that WoW's success in China has been instrumental. Blizzard's opus has already accrued 1.5 million subscribers in the region, and Sony's Everquest 2 is now after a slice of the action... though it could all be too little too late.

A beta test in China for Everquest 2 commences on August 23rd, courtesy of Gamania Digital, whilst the full release is being handled by Interfax. A final version of the game is expected ready for release in October or November, but it seems unlikely Sony can expect the same success as Blizzard. "The requirements for PCs may not be compatible with the situation of Chinese players, but we have been working on this issue and trying our best to reduce the initial entry level for the game," commented Gamania PR Manager Xing Jing. One of the key reasons behind World of Warcraft's success is its ability to run on lower-end PCs, thanks to a very well-designed, highly-scaleable game engine. Everquest 2 lacks this flexibility.

More on this as we get it.

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