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Xbox 360 keyboard glimpsed

But is it real?

Microsoft's latest Xbox 360 presentation in Spain has thrown up a new peripheral, which Redmond may make available for the new console from launch. A mini keyboard is the freshly sighted extra, something of a u-turn for Redmond chiefs who declined to create a keyboard for the original Xbox amid fears it could ally the system too closely with the decidedly un-chic PC platform. The peripheral attaches to the bottom of the Xbox 360 gamepad, and can be used for messaging and chat during play - we think. Whilst Microsoft have yet to officially confirm the new peripheral, word of it comes from the Valencia 'Campus Party', with pictures from the event appearing thoroughly genuine.

The small device fits between the 'wings' of the gamepad, and could be used by the new system in any number of ways. Text in MMORPG titles would become easier to type, and could also be used for normal communication over Xbox Live. It might even be possible for gamers to communicate with PC users on MSN Messenger. More on this device soon, including official word - we hope.

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