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New Wipeout Pure downloads

Coming to a PSP near you

Sony today launched a downloadable 'Classics Pack' for the PSP game Wipeout Pure; the pack is said to feature maps re-made from previous titles in the series. Whilst Sony's PSP version of Wipeout does feature a number of re-worked tracks from past offerings, this latest download includes new examples Altima VII (original WipEout) and Odessa Keys (WipEout XL). A Goteki 45 FX300 ship is also made available via this small, free, expansion, with a new menu skin too.

Gamers hoping to expand their Wipeout experience can either download the pack from the official website, before transferring it using a USB cable, or alternatively connect via the PSPs WiFi capabilities before downloading. Three 'gamma' packs have already been made available by Sony, and these add a whole new singleplayer tournament to the game. More packs for Wipeout Pure are expected; the new game will also accompany the PAL region debut on September 1st.

We'll keep you posted.

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