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Matrix Online shrinks

Poor demand results in cuts

Amid poor sales and online gamer apathy, new Matrix hosts Sony Online have decided to cut the persistent online world based on the popular Wachowski brothers films by two-thirds. The game was highly-hyped at launch by creators Monolith and Warner Bros. Interactive, but failed to capture the attention hoped - resulting in sales rumoured to be as low as $100,000 despite the millions of dollars invested in this big-name title. In the wake of this failure, Warner opted to cut their losses, selling the Matrix Online to Sony, creators of super-popular online behemoths like Stars Wars Galaxies and of course Everquest. The number of game worlds that comprise the game is being cut from nine to three, with the three remaining actually being new creations; amalgamations of the previous total.

The decision was taken to create more opportunities for socialising, the number of players currently partaking of the Matrix Online sometimes making it difficult to find other gamers - embarrassingly. "The current level of population density can limit opportunities for socializing with other players which are such a key part of our worlds..." read a statement, which continued that "on August 2, 2005, we will be merging the nine current worlds into three new worlds. This merge should help to increase the number of players on any world at any given time."

One of the three new worlds will be hostile, whilst the other two will be normal PvP environments. Game data will transfer over seamlessly, we're promised. "We're leaving it up to The Matrix Online community to name these new worlds," continued the official announcement, which confirmed that players will be able to vote on various names for the new landscapes. More soon.

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