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New Live gamers offered Freebie

Get Forza! Get Forza!

Microsoft are attempting to attract new gamers onto the Live online gaming service with a new initiative announced today. Those signing-up between now and August 31st will be offered a free game, with three to choose from. Forza Motorsport, Conker: Live & Reloaded or Dead or Alive: Ultimate. Might we recommend Forza, for those of you considering this offer. The first two-hundred gamers joining as part of this scheme will even get all three titles, though we reckon that chance has already gone. Sorry!

You can sign-up for a twelve-months Live subscription and get your starter kit, by putting in your personal details on the official Xbox site. Gamers joining the service, and those already using it, are promised a seamless transition should they wish to move their account onto their new Xbox 360, when the console launches this Christmas. This will of course necessitate the purchase of the as-yet un-priced Xbox 360, which could be an expensive way to test Microsoft's promises of seamlessness.

More soon, my young friends.

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