GB Micro date speculation

When oh when, Nintendo?

Whilst Nintendo are refusing to comment on rumour or offer official word, speculation currently doing the rounds online suggests the forthcoming GB Micro will launch in Japan on September 13th. This speculated debut in Ninty's home turf will reportedly be accompanied by several changeable face-plates, allowing gamers to customise their tiny handheld. Nintendo of Japan might even be plotting three new games for the GB Micro too, we're told - with a brand new Mario Tennis Advance, a puzzle game 'pack', and a 20th anniversary edition of Super Mario Bros mentioned.

The system is widely expected out in PAL regions (Europe and Australasia) before Christmas, with some retailers privately whispering October. The price point is expected to be about the same as the GBA SP (£69.99 UK, or about $120 US). The arrival of the GB Micro might also be used as an opportunity to release the Play-Yan peripheral in PAL territories, reports also hint. The add-on allows movies and other media files to be saved to SD Cards, then played-back via the console.

Said peripheral has already done very well in Japan, and would be welcomed no doubt by the big N's fans elsewhere too. More as we get it.

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