Black and White 2 on next-generation?

Molyneux speculates

Vocal British game designer Peter Molyneux has been waxing lyrical this week about the prospect of Black and White 2 on the Playstation 3 or the Xbox 360. The real-time strategy god-simulation is well advanced in its development for the PC, but Molyneux admitted that porting the game would technically be little trouble. He also revealed that Lionhead are already hard at work on other projects for both the previously mentioned next-generation consoles. "The machines have the power to do Black & White 2. The only problem is the control," he commented.

"We'd have to go right back to the drawing board, as we've not got a mouse. What we did with the mouse is say, 'we've got 2 buttons, a middle wheel and that's it' - we haven't got a keyboard (in theory, although we have shortcuts). If you're going to do it on the next generation machines, we have to take a new look. It's the freedom of picking stuff up with a mouse, and you have to change it. We're thinking about it though."

A sequel to RPG Fable is expected to be among Lionhead's other next-generation projects, though The Movies could also be a possibility as well as of course new prospects dreamed-up by the ever-ambitious Molyneux. Development kits are already being used to create 'other games', the designer affirms mysteriously. More soon.

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