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Ridge Racer 6 and more on Xbox 360

Japan showing boost

Several key Japanese publishers have vocally backed the Xbox 360 at Microsoft's dedicated conference held in Tokyo yesterday. Capcom, Namco, Konami, Bandai, Taito, From Software and Genki all publicly backed the new console at the shindig. Several key game makers promised versions of popular Japanese series for the new format - a crucial vote of confidence, with Bandai even announcing an unnamed exclusive title which will be accompanied by an Anime series. Tecmo confirmed five Xbox 360 games at the event, but two remain mysterious - with the others being - unsurprisingly in the Dead or Alive series.

A broad range of titles were announced for the format and this should see the console garnering a lot more success in this key gaming region. Namco demonstrated the eminently stylish Frame City Killer to impressed audiences, also confirming Love Football (a World Cup timed soccer outing). Perhaps most excitingly of all however was the revelation that Ridge Racer 6 will be heading to the Xbox 360. This is big news for Redmond, as a Ridge Racer game has backed every previous Playstation launch. Whilst this won't be an exclusive by the sound of things, it is most assuredly progress for the 360. Online play and downloadable content is promised.

More soon.

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