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Xbox 360 equipped with parental locking features

MS take heed of media

Japanese gaming website Mainichi has revealed a few new features of the Xbox 360, which are sure to not only please concerned parents, but also keep the lawyers off Microsoft's back. The new console will come pre-installed with several parental locking features, which allows owners to restrict what games can be played on the system. The Xbox 360 would read data from the game disc to determine if it contains mature content, before checking whether the player is old enough. All releases of the system will contain this locking feature, which could well have been inspired by the recent tide of litigation surrounding violent games, which many critics have accused of influencing minors with unsuitable content.

The website also revealed that the Xbox 360 will also include blocking features for internet use, restricting access to chat rooms, where some parents and critics believe children and youngsters can be at risk. This is the first time such features as this have been built into a console, and it is certainly prudent of Redmond to be taking current affairs into account when designing features for their new console. More on this soon.

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