Archer Maclean departs Ignition

Veteran designer bids publisher farewell...

One of the UK's longest standing veteran developers Archer Maclean has departed from his creative director role at Ignition Entertainment division Awesome Studios. The British developer announced Maclean's resignation yesterday, and whilst this looks like a major blow to the firm - sources are stating that the damage will be purely cosmetic. Maclean was regarded more as a figurehead than a key member of the 28-strong team; his last project for the firm was PSP puzzler Mercury. Ignition claim that future Awesome projects will be unaffected by the departure, we're told, with work on Mercury 2 steaming ahead unimpeded.

Mercury has been doing good business for Ignition stateside on the PSP, and is out in PAL regions come September 1st to coincide with the debut of Sony's handheld in these countries. "Whilst Archer was the spokesperson for Awesome Studios, there's a 28-strong team in currently in place and Ignition Entertainment will continue to offer the development outfit creative and commercial support for its forthcoming titles," commented managing director Vijay Chadha in a statement about Maclean's resignation. "We're confident that the Awesome Studios team will continue to produce games which will excite, challenge and delight next-generation videogames players."

"In addition, we look forward to unveiling the new management team at Awesome Studios. We thank Archer Maclean for his role in shaping Ignition Entertainment into a company primed to become one of the UK's leading interactive entertainment publisher, and wish him every success with his future projects," Chadha added.

What Archer Maclean has planned next remains to be seen, but we'll keep you posted.

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