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San Andreas re-rated in 'Hot Coffee' wake

New 'AO' rating applied

Bowing to pressure from Hillary Clinton and the American mass media, game ratings board the ESRB have decided to re-rate Rockstar's GTA San Andreas. The game was previously awarded an 'M' rating for mature content, but now gets an 'AO' certificate - meaning 'Adults Only'. This is an extremely rare rating for a game stateside, meaning that it is only suitable for those aged 18 years or older. The new label followed in the wake of an ERSB investigation into the 'Hot Coffee' mod, which reportedly unlocked a pornographic mini-game, hidden within the San Andreas code but inaccessible through normal means.

Existing copies of San Andreas will be pulled from shelves and re-labelled with the new, stronger rating, whilst Rockstar have immediately ceased production of the game - stating that a new version will be produced, minus the offensive content, in order that the game might once again carry an 'M' rating. In Australia, the traditionally conservative censors are now considering whether or not to ban the game altogether, whilst in the UK the BBFC '18' rating is expected to stand. Unlike the ESRB ratings, BBFC certificates are legally binding and it is therefore illegal to sell titles to those under the age stated. New legislation is being considered stateside, especially in the wake of this controversy, which might see America also enforcing age ratings more strictly.

More on this soon.

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