Neversoft go West

GUN announced

Well we knew Tony Hawks creators Neversoft were working on something different, because they told us - and its certainly a departure from skateboards, as it turns out. A first-person shooter come 'action-adventure' game called 'GUN' is the order of the day, and the title is being created for the PC, PS2, PSP, Xbox, Xbox 360 and GameCube. In GUN players will assume the role of Colton White, a 19th Century gunslinger. In true western style the game begins aboard a steamboat, where Colton and his father are to meet a friend - a fight breaks out however, and after the friend dies, so does Colton's father, handing him a mysterious medallion with his dying breath and revealing that he's not his true father. Shocker.

A now embittered and somewhat confused Colton arrives in Dodge City for a good time and is befriended by a prostitute before yet another fights breaks out, the local boys non-too pleased with Colton's liaison with their lady and both go on the run. A free-form world with innumerable side quests is promised, and missions will see Colton raiding opium dens, defending stage coaches, panning for gold, and even hunting as the game progresses.

Transport will mainly consist of horseback of course, but there will also be coaches, trains and even a canoe to ride. Weapons include pistols, rifles and shotguns not to mention tomahawks, dynamite and bows. A quick-draw mode, which Colton learns as he progresses, allows the player to switch to the first-person perspective for those rapid, accurate shots too. The game is currently a singleplayer only affair, however a multiplayer mode may arrive in the future - with a long-term series planned of GUN. North America will get the game this October, Europe and other PAL regions should be enjoying it by Christmas. More soon.

E3 Trailer