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Codemasters drop Wartime Command

1C's RTS suffers...

Bad news real-time strategy fans, British publisher Codemasters have unceremoniously withdrawn their support for Russian-developed real-time strategy project Wartime Command, which is (or possibly was) being developed by 1C Company. A few creative differences, coupled with the inevitability of delays, appears to have been the death knell of Codemasters' interest, explained in this email sent to the Wartime Command community:

"It's been a long and bumpy ride both developing and supporting this title. There have been some issues during the design and implementation of the ideas for the game that both 1C and Codemasters have wanted. Unfortunately delays to the launch were inevitable, and it is with great regret that Codemasters have decided not to proceed with this title."

So there you have it. Of course, whilst the support of Codemasters was no doubt a major boon for the project, this doesn't necessarily mean its all over, with 1C development continuing for the moment, presumably while another publisher is sought. Codemasters suggest those interested "keep an eye on their site for any updates."

In closing, Codemasters' official statement affirms their commitment to the genre, stating that word of new projects will be made in the upcoming months. More soon, then.

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