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Is Rare project Perfect Dark DS?

We can but hope...

After speculation last week that UK developer Rare (despite being wholly-owned by Microsoft) is looking for developers to create handheld titles for the Nintendo DS, word reaches us that it could even be the lovely Joanna Dark that is heading to the Nintendo system. A Perfect Dark for the DS is certainly a mouth-watering prospect and we know that numero two is already well under-way for the Xbox 360 platform. '3D Artists' are the latest developers being sought for Rare's ongoing handheld creations, and programmers are also wanted.

But what of the Perfect Dark conjecture? Well, its more than a little contentious, but apparently a fan cheekily requested Rare make a version of PD for the DS, something which Rare didn't dismiss out of hand. "It would be cool to do a version of PD on the DS," the developer replied. "Who knows, we might even do it one day!"

Very exciting indeed... more desperate hanging on words from us soon.

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