No Brando in The Godfather game?

Says NY Times

Whilst EA were almost too quick to inform us that The Godfather videogame was the last work of Marlon Brando's life, the latest word now has it that the silver screen demi-god may not be used in the title after all, despite recording dialogue for the project prior to his death last year. The New York Times states that a sound alike of the actor is being used in numerous scenes, owing to the poor quality of the sound on the original Brando recordings - which is something of a shame to say the least. "It was enlightening," director Philip Campbell said of the recording session at the time, "because he gave us some great inside information about the role. He really gets it - he really got computer games, and what they were about, which was really surprising."

It now transpires however that Brando's recordings are marred by the disturbing sound of the actor breathing, something it was become increasingly difficult for him to do as his health failed. "It's still to be determined how the development team will choose to use what was recorded with Mr. Brando," admitted an EA spokesperson yesterday.

Whilst actors like Caan and Duvall from the original cinema classic join Brando in voicing the title, Al Pacino has declined involvement, and director Francis Ford Coppola has publicly dismissed the project calling it "a misuse of the film" and adding "they use the characters everyone knows, and they hire those actors to be there, and only to introduce minor characters.... and then for the next hour they shoot and kill each other."

EA Producer David De Martini however was less negative about Copolla's stance on the game, telling UK games site that "we've met with [the director] on one occasion and we shared with him what our vision was for the game, and where we were going to go... He isn't choosing to participate in the project, but he did invite us up to the Coppola winery where he has his own private library."

The game is out at the end of the year for the PC, PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360.

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