John Romero departs Gauntlet and Midway

No word on why, though

Once regarded as the world's most famous games designer - the man who was 'going to make you his bitch' with the now infamous Daikatana, has fallen from the limelight in recent years, shying away from the pages of negative press which followed the closure of the studio he helped found: ION Storm. Of course, Daikatana, despite more hype than almost any other release of the last decade, was a huge let-down, and ION Storm's lavish Dallas offices were soon closed by publisher Eidos with Romero and fellow co-founder Tom Hall off to start Monkeystone, developers of games for mobile platforms in 2001.

In 2003 Romero accepted a position at Midway, heading up a remake of the classic Gauntlet series, titled Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows. Midway San Diego even hired Hall, the brains behind the commendable ION Storm release Anachronox. Speaking on his personal site, Romero stated "I can definitely confirm that I have left Midway - I've been gone for about 3 weeks." No reason could be given for the departure, he added, and it is unknown whether Hall remains at the publisher still.

"Midway says that development of Gauntlet hasn't been impacted by my departure and is scheduled to ship this fall," Romero added on his former charge. "I can't say anything more about the situation and hope you all understand."

Gauntlet is due on the PS2, Xbox and PC this October, whilst Romero is "currently looking at lots of exciting developments right now and it'll be a couple months before I can announce my next destination." More on this soon, then, and we hope to see this undoubtedly talented creator of games back in charge of another title soon.

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