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Australia Investigates San Andreas

Hot Coffee mod causing stir

The 'Hot Coffee' mod for GTA San Andreas is still causing ripples of controversy today, a week after critics of the game urged the classifications board to up their rating of it Stateside, following the release of a patch enabling a pornographic mini-game in the title. Now, Australia's own ratings board, the Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification, are looking into complaints about the title related to said mini-game.

The ESRB in America are being urged to increasing their rating of the title to 'Adults Only', following the mod - though it seems strange to consider basing a rating on a part of the game not accessible from standard play. Now the OFLC will investigate whether a change in classification is needed down-under, too.

The OFLC's Des Clark commented: "Developments such as this are indicative of the increasingly complex technological world of entertainment in which we live. Our investigations show the National Classification Scheme at work and the Classification Board will take action, if required, when all the facts are established."

In Oz, San Andreas already has the highest possible rating, MA15+, and a re-classification could see the title effectively banned from sale - like Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude, Manhunt and NARC in recent times. Australia's game sensors are regarded as being among the most stringent when it comes to the content of new game releases.

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