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PSP Viewtiful Joe In Focus

Beautifully done

Capcom's Clover Studio have revealed a few more details today about their upcoming GameCube / PSP opus, Viewtiful Joe: Battle Carnival. The game is certainly inspired by the stylised side-scrolling action of previous Joe adventures, but Battle Carnival takes the series in something of a new direction too. Rather than the progress-based bounciness of the last VJ, the new title is all about the fighting, and seems to be a combat game in the vein of Super Smash Bros. Melee. Like Smash Bros. up to four-players can duke it out using in-game characters in a 'Party' mode. With gameplay like this, gone is the rapid progress and the focus on plot, instead we're presented with colourful combat set against various arena-style backdrops. Most curious.

Thankfully, one of the best features from the original games has survived in the shape of the VFX special moves, which can be earned by collecting special orbs during the game. Many types of orb are available, and we're promised moves not seen in the previous games. Playable characters available include: Joe, Silvia, Captain Blue, Captain Blue Jr., Blade Master Alastor, Dark Emperor Jet Black and Co-ordinator Sprocket. A Japanese release is due on September 29th, more on this soon.

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