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STALKER Creeps in Late

2006 now certain?

THQ and GSC Gameworld's STALKER has been delayed more times than a very delayed thing now, with the latest reports suggesting that this impressive-looking first-person shooter won't be released until 2006. The Czech developer have been taking their time perfecting this atmospheric opus for a very long time, and the pressure will be on from publisher THQ to deliver a world-beating FPS. Expectaitons are high, especially with so much time to tune the formula, something the creators seem all too aware of, co-director Anton Bolshakov telling a fansite: "The game will certainly not come out this year. When the plot is fully implemented (it is being completed), the simulation will be finally tuned. This what the team is doing right now. "

Bolshakov added on the likely timescale of completing the project that fans should "Look for the beginning of the wide advertising campaign, as it will mean half a year until the release..." cold-comfort there, then. Over the course of STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl's protracted development THQ have repeatedly been more optimistic than the developers on the game's likely release date, and were still telling people September, last year. GSC themselves had originally hoped for Christmas. THQ aren't saying anything more, at this juncture.

More on this as we get it.

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