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Rare to Develop for DS

MS developer goes handheld regardless

Despite Nintendo selling premier second-party developer Rare to Microsoft in a massive multi-million pound deal three-years back, the developer are today listing handheld development vacancies on their jobs page, with specific reference to the Nintendo DS. Whilst Microsoft remain firm rivals of the Big N in the console sector, MS are not currently plotting to challenge for the handheld market too, and Rare have actually released three GBA titles since Redmond moved in. Banjo Pilot, It's Mr. Pants, and Sabre Wulf have all arrived since the takeover, and there's even been a rumour recently that Microsoft may create DS content to be downloaded to the system via Xbox Live. Though this does seem somewhat fanciful.

As well as seeking an experienced handheld programmer, Rare are also after an artistic-type, adept with 3D modelling and the like. Those of you interested should make for Rare's site, whilst the rest of us are left to speculate on Microsoft's intentions for the handheld world.

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