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SiN Episodes Official

Steam-powered, no less

In a press release from Steam creators Valve (of the Half-Life 2 fame), Ritual Entertainment have officially confirmed that SiN 2 is on the way, and that it will be distributed in episodic form via Valve's ground-breaking content delivery system - which introduced Half-Life 2 to the world. SiN Episodes, as the new title will clumsily be known, is the official name - and it's the first third-party title Valve will make available over their system to paying gamers. Following on from the events of the impressive but technically-flawed original, SiN Episodes will once again see all-round good chap John R. Blade battling the sexy-but-evil scientist Elexis Sinclaire as she plots dastardly plans for mankind.

As with the original SiN, Episodes will see us return to Freeport City - a near-future metropolis modelled on a "mixture of San Francisco, Tokyo and New York". The action will be even more free-form than before too, with more interactivity promised. "Combining the incredible power of the Source engine with episodic content delivery via Steam has empowered us to raise the bar on key features of the SiN universe, interactivity, character driven gameplay, and emergent AI," enthused Tom Mustaine, cofounder and Director of Development for Ritual.

"Digitally delivered episodic content is the next frontier in the games industry," added Steve Nix, Ritual CEO. "Episodic development gives Ritual the opportunity to be much more responsive to community feedback and industry trends. We can adjust our content to deliver maximum entertainment value with each instalment."

HardCORP will once again be battling Sintek in the game's premise, and in his mission against boss-of-bosses Sinclaire, Blade will be joined by hacker JC, and stealthy lock-breaker Jessica Cannon. Throughout the new episodes all these leading characters will be explored more fully, as the good guys take on Sinclaire's plans to "remake humanity according to her own twisted vision."

The first episode will be called Emergence, and new information will be made available on Steampowered.com and Sinepisodes.com. More soon, then.

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