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SiN 2 goes Episodic over Steam

Ritual partner with Valve to deliver new FPS

We've known it was in development for some time thanks in part to less-than-subtle hints on the official site and a few loose-tongued developers, but we didn't know that it would be out in time for this Christmas. Developer Ritual have wanted to return to the high-tech and paranoid world of their debut title SiN for sometime, but had to wait for the right moment after the team felt any publisher would push the project the wrong way creatively. Now a solution has been found in the shape of Valve's Steam delivery system (which brought the world Half-Life 2), and Ritual will partner with Valve to release a full SiN sequel in an experimental episodic form. It isn't yet known if a boxed release is also planned.

"We talked to publishers about doing it, but we never felt able to make the product we wanted to make with the next SiN," Ritual CEO Steve Nix tells PC Gamer in a new interview. "We've been talking to Valve about Steam for about four years now, and we've always wanted to get back to the SiN universe" he also revealed.

Steam makes publishing and selling a game far cheaper, and negates the expenses of the traditional games sales model. Ritual are planning to release new SiN episodes every three to four months, and will price each instalment in the region of $20 US. The new SiN will also be built using the Half-Life 2 engine, or 'Source', as its more popularly known.

We look forward to bringing you more on this new first-person shooter as we get it.

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