Free Halo 2 maps linger onto Live

Former paid-for pack now free

Whilst the bean-counters at Microsoft previously had us paying for the Bungie-developed Killtacular pack for Halo 2, said pack has now generously been made available gratis with the £5 fee (or thereabouts) dropped. New maps Turf and Sanctuary comprise the bulk of the newly-free download. Turf is described as "a city based mid-sized map which is fantastic for exciting games of Territories" whilst Sanctuary is "a smallish symmetrical map with two opposing bases, perfect for games of multi-flag CTF."

Bungie's official website does of course include more detail on said maps, which will be added to the playlist in regular rotation with a new update promised by the developer for next week. The update will also include five brand-spanking new maps as well. Which is nice. More on Bungie's activities soon.

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