BlizzCon revealed

Blizzard announce California convention

You've heard of QuakeCon, California's annual convention celebrating all things violent and id Software developed, well, now meet BlizzCon, developer Blizzard's answer to id's first-person shootery festival. The inaugural BlizzCon will take place this coming October, and will feature all of Blizzard's titles - presumably especially the multiplayer ones. Gamers attending the convention will be able to share their passion for Blizzard's titles, as well as meeting the developers for special Q&A sessions and the like.

Orange County, California, will form the backdrop to this event, though no specific venue has yet been chosen - with Blizzard promising to update us as soon as one has. The event begins at 8am on Friday October 28th, and runs until the evening of Saturday the 29th. Part of the event will include a pro-gamer tournament which Blizzard will sponsor, inviting competitors on an invitation-only basis. All in all it sounds like quite a jolly shindig, and we look forward to learning more as the show approaches.

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