Xbox 360 gets APB

David Jones' opus heads to Microsoft's new console

All Points Bulletin, the MMOG currently being created for the PC by David Jones' team at Real Time Worlds, will also be heading for the Xbox 360, it was revealed today. The game, already picked-up by Korean publisher Webzen, will be arriving on the Xbox 360 in early 2008 - a year after the PC unveiling in early 2007. So we've quite a wait, then. A "massively multiplayer freeform combat and driving-based game" is promised, and we've more reason than usual to eagerly anticipate this title, the brainchild of the man credited with starting the Grand Theft Auto phenomenon.

"As an avid gamer and creator of many single-player games, it has been my dream to create an online game experience that provides the player with the ultimate freedom to do whatever he wants, in a thriving, living environment," enthuses Jones on APB. Players will be able to customise every aspect of their character, earning cash for flashier objects, and other trinkets. Of course Jones' vision of 'free-form' also includes plenty of action-packed gun battles and car chases, pitched between rival factions either upholding or breaking the law: the Squads and the Gangs.

Famous cities from around the world will form a backdrop to the game's action, and all in all it sounds like a hugely ambitious project indeed. More on All Points Bulletin soon, then.

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