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Fans demand HiDef Revolution

Online campaign begins

Well we all think that High Definition pictures look great - and whilst most balk at the price of the hardware still, some technophiles have taken their obsession with the so-called HiDef revolution to new levels, launching a campaign to persuade Nintendo to support the emerging standard in their next-generation console, the Revolution. The move by High Definition fans comes in the wake of US boss Perrin Kaplan's comment that "at this time we will not support high-definition." Kaplan explained that HD support was omitted to keep the cost of the hardware down, as well as make the system cheaper to develop for. "With the technology being built into the Revolution, we believe the games will look brilliant and play brilliantly. This can all be done without HD," the big cheese explained.

The site, 1080up.org, currently includes a forum, Nintendo contact details, and sample complaint letters, which more enthusiastic HD proponents can send urging Nintendo to alter the specifications of their system, due out next year. The 1080up.org store even includes promotional items urging the change, and products include mugs, t-shirts and even a G-string. More detailed word on the specifics of the Revolution, including the much-hyped controller, are expected this year.

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