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Matrix Online sold to Sony?

Monolith to exit MMO genre?

Whilst we've no official word on the following news from either Sony or indeed Monolith, speculation across the internet today is rife in suggesting that Warner Bros. Interactive division developer Monolith is about to bow-out of the MMO game business, and are currently concluding a deal to off-load the Matrix Online to the care of Sony Online. Sony Online are of course most famous for the super-popular series of Everquest MMORPG's, not to mention Star Wars Galaxies. Indeed, games site IGN believe an announcement on the deal is imminent, though it remains unclear why Monolith are exiting a genre they entered so enthusiastically.

Perhaps the Matrix Online failed to meet the expectations of overlord's Warner Bros., prompting a strategic re-think. It is believed an in-development MMO title based on a DC Comics licence will also be part of the agreement which will see the Matrix enter Sony's hands. We'll keep our eyes peeled for news on this deal, as well as any hint of what Monolith will now work on. The studio has previously created titles like No One Lives Forever, Shogo: MAD and was sold to Warner last year as the media conglomerate sought to bolster their game development clout.

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