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Miyamoto talks Revolution and 'that' plumber

Mario 128 probably a Revolution title...

Nintendo's increasingly vocal in-house bonafide game design legend Shigeru Miyamoto has indulged us with yet another interview this week, in ezine Wired.com. In an interesting chin-wag covering a good few topics, Miyamoto revealed what we'd all feared anyway: that Mario 128 is probably going to be a Revolution title. The Revolution is expected out in spring-to-summer 2006. "It's still floating around. We're searching for that fundamental idea that's going to drive the next 3-D Mario game, but we're not sure when that's going to jump out at us. We're doing lots of tests with small groups," commented Miyamoto, hinting that said plumber's latest is still some way off.

On the new console itself Miyamoto was unsurprisingly upbeat, despite many commentators stating that Ninty will struggle with the next-generation. The controller is once again mooted as the Revolution's secret weapon, Miyamoto commenting: "Nintendo is always trying to be on the forefront of control innovations, like the analog stick, rumble or wireless. As soon as these are available, our competitors snatch them up."

"Because the user interface is going to drive the Revolution software design, that's what's going to make our software stand out. Nobody else is going to be able to do what we do with next-generation game software. So, I can't reveal anything. It's under wraps because it's the big gun," the creator of Mario and Zelda beamed.

More on the Revolution soon.

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