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Xbox 360 gets 20 on day one

So says Famitsu...

It hardly seems like yesterday that Microsoft first unveiled the Xbox 360, and yet we're already beginning to talk about the console's launch, expected globally in November this year. This time it's the Japanese that have been babbling, with the Editor of Japan's most respected games magazine - Famitsu - letting slip a few new details. Whilst Microsoft are tight-lipped on the Xbox 360's launch line-up, Munetatsu Matsui believes there will be twenty games available on day one, and whilst us hack's can't usually be relied upon, Famitsu are unusually close to Microsoft's Japanese operations. Twenty is a pretty impressive number, and if true must include several unconfirmed titles that will be sprung upon us - certainly Redmond appear to be aiming for a big splash.

Whilst Microsoft won't chat publicly about the 360's ever-looming debut, a representative did comment that "between 25 and 40 titles will be available for Xbox 360 during launch period," that covers November to the end of 2005, basically. Munetatsu-san even commented that the Xbox 360 will include secret features, that won't be revealed until a year after launch when a download from Xbox Live will enable these 'secret powers'. More on all this as we get it.

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