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Razer shows off their new uber-modular gaming PC

Project Christine aiming to make building a PC much easier

Razer has revealed a new super-modular design of gaming PC at this year's CES.

Dubbed Project Christine, their new design was created to take advantage of the extremely modular nature of the modern gaming PC and make it more accessible to less technically-minded gamers.

The new system features self-contained cable-free units for each component making swapping parts out ridiculously simple. It also includes a touchscreen LED for control and maintenance information and support for quad-SLI, SSD and RAID HDD options as well as full liquid-cooling for quiet heat management. Razer shows off their new uber-modular gaming PC

Razer co-founder, CEO and creative director Min-Liang Tan said,“Project Christine is a new concept design that will revolutionize the way users view the traditional PC. This is the first gaming system that is able to keep pace with technology and could allow consumers to never buy another PC, or gaming system, again. We have a history of bringing incredibly innovative concept systems to market and it’s fair to say that Project Christine is a very exciting new prospect for future development.”

The specs for the new system are as follows:

  • Fully modular design for perpetual, cable-less customization
  • PCI-Express architecture
  • Open operating system platform
  • Factory overclocked components
  • Self-contained modules with active liquid cooling and noise cancellation
  • Quad SLI capable
  • SSD + RAID 5 HDD Array
  • LED touchscreen control display
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